With a passion to tell stories, to uncover the truth, and not afraid to get her hands dirty, Shay launched her on-camera career as a TV News Investigative Reporter. Her breaking news stories aired on NBC, Today and CNN.

Drawn to more creative storytelling, Shay traded the news for acting and hosting. She has booked film and TV roles as a newscaster, executive, wife, mother, sports fan and appears as a doctor in the upcoming romcom, Motorvation. She has also appeared in commercials for DirecTV, Cost Plus, Oracle and other top brands.

As a TV host, Shay has built the largest group of its kind for On-Air Personalities/Influencers, Hosts in LA. Before that she worked for The Hollywood Reporter at A-list events such as Sundance Film Festival, BET Awards, BAFTAs and more.

In every project, Shay looks for the humanity and realness in her roles. Called a prodigy by her acting coach, Golden Globe-nominated Diane Venora (Heat, Romeo & Juliet), Shay’s on-camera strength is the moments you see real life reflected back at you in all of its ugliness or beauty.

Shay, who is of Nigerian/Portuguese descent, has a Masters Degree in Journalism, terrible dance rhythm and a daring streak a mile wide. She's obsessed with minimalist design, learning to fly, the beach...oh and of course, storytelling.