Good design tells your story.

I design coastal-inspired spaces for modern urban dwellers.

The ones with eclectic, diverse interests who want spaces that show it. The ones who start adventures in their living rooms and turn backyards into destinations. You know that good design isn't about following trends. And that folding fitted sheets is overrated. 

If that sounds a lot like your narrative, I'll help you tell it.

Coastal-inspired design for modern urban dwellers.

It's a feeling, not a location. Salty air and seagulls. Gleaming waves and golden hour. Breezy whispers all year long.


What They Say

Shay has a vision and it’s beautiful, I can assure you.
— Rose Einstein | The Hollywood Reporter, former VP

Tell your story.

Big idea? Small Budget?  No problem. Any type of project anywhere in the world.